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I work with mixed mediums, the natural result of my diverse training and background in art. That diversity allows me to address different contexts and respond with an openness and freely to what I am experiencing as an artist. While

I strive to establish a tactile and visual dynamic to my work, how one can interact with it in a given space is of equal,

if not greater interest to me. In this way, I am also reminded of my initial experiences with sculpture and architecture

when quite young. Today I still am in dialogue with my past. Embracing an artistic sensibility, I continue to

acknowledge what I have accomplished, while developing my craft.



Born and raised in the suburbs of New York city, I have lived in New England and Michigan, before relocating to western NY. Following college, I pursued graduate work at the University of Michigan, and studied with the art and architeture program in Florence. My work for the last 20yrs. has involved cement, steel, ceramics and mosaics. In addition to my work, I teach at SUNY-FLCC as an assistant prof. in art. I reside and work in Rochester, NY with my wife and two cats.

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